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Razer Inc adopted a “Reduction as top priority, Offset as last resort” approach in terms of sustainability. Our residual emissions, especially on the supply chain side, are often limited by the lack of operational control and technological limitations, which are hard to remove.

Relying on the carbon market is essential for any company to achieve net zero. More importantly, having a trusted partner to curate carbon credits and navigate the sustainability space is very important. We are thankful for a trusted partner like GoNetZero™ to curate our portfolio of Environmental Attribute Certificates (EACs).

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Our experience working with GoNetZero™ has been exceptional in supporting us to achieve our 100% renewable energy target by 2023.

To fulfil this goal, we installed solar panels on our rooftop. However, the energy harnessed from these panels was not sufficient to meet our 2023 target, and we needed a way to bridge this gap. After careful evaluation of various options, the best alternative was to purchase RECs. The team at GoNetZero™ provided valuable guidance, allowing us to obtain RECs tailored to our specific needs.

The deep partnership and our experience with GoNetZero™’s solutions have been instrumental in our sustainability journey.

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Passionate, driven, knowledgeable and approachable, the GoNetZero™ team is very helpful and resourceful, ensuring a seamless experience for both our clients and us on the net zero journey.​
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