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What is NetZeroOS?

NetZeroOS is a proprietary smart energy asset management platform developed by Sembcorp. It leverages Sembcorp's extensive experience in developing and managing its diverse energy assets globally.

Using blockchain technology, NetZeroOS ensures transparency and traceability in both the provenance and accounting of renewable energy.

What are the features of NetZeroOS?

NetZeroOS provides functionalities that leverage on real-time data processing and analytics to assist with a range of operational tasks, including performance monitoring, yield optimisation and predictive maintenance.

Most importantly, our NetZeroOS open cloud-based data platform has been designed to scale and can be easily integrated with any energy assets and IT systems.

NetZeroOS: Smart Energy Asset Management

How does NetZeroOS work?

NetZeroOS adopts a data-driven and science-based approach to manage energy assets.

1) Leveraging an open data acquisition standard, NetZeroOS extracts over 300 million energy data points daily from Sembcorp's diverse energy asset portfolio.

2) Advanced software and data modeling algorithms are used to optimise asset performance and reduce the levelized cost of energy.

2) The blockchain trust layer ensures transparency and traceability of renewable energy generation and consumption.

4) Actionable insights derived from data analytics are presented through a user-friendly interface, enabling informed decisions.

NetZeroOS Tech Stack

frequently asked questions_

By analysing data points from diverse energy assets, NetZeroOS identifies opportunities for improvement, enhances operational efficiency, and reduces costs.

Through predictive maintenance and performance optimisation tools, NetZeroOS helps asset owners and operators maximise the output and lifespan of their energy assets.

Yes, NetZeroOS is designed to be easily integrated with existing energy management systems. Its flexibility allows seamless integration with different types of energy assets, including wind, solar, batteries, and more.

NetZeroOS leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency in renewable energy accounting. The blockchain serves as a trust layer, recording and verifying the provenance and transactions of renewable energy generation and consumption.

NetZeroOS offers a range of data analytics and insights to help asset owners and operators make informed decisions. It provides real-time and historical data analysis, performance monitoring, predictive maintenance alerts, energy consumption patterns, cost optimisation recommendations, and more.

Onboarding your energy assets onto NetZeroOS is a straightforward process. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your asset specifications, data requirements, and integration needs. They will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition and integration with the platform.

Yes, we offer a demo for interested users to experience NetZeroOS firsthand. The demo allows you to explore the platform's features and functionalities, assess its suitability for your energy assets, and understand the value it can provide to your operations. Please contact our sales team to inquire about the trial period and its terms.

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