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Mondulkiriredd Project
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SECI 3 Onshore Wind Project, Gujaray
Vanninh Solar Power Project
KN Van Ninh Solar Power Project, Vietnam

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Frequently asked questions
The prices of carbon credits from carbon offset projects vary mainly due to: 1) Technology, vintage and location of the carbon offset project, 2) Different standards, certifications and third-party ratings, 3) Community based benefits, 4) Existing carbon pricing regulations, such as increasing carbon taxes and 5) Supply and demand of the carbon credit.

Generally, high-quality carbon offset projects must be associated with greenhouse gas reductions that are: 1) Additional, 2) Not overestimated, 3) Permanent, 4) Not double counted, 5) Significant in environmental and social outcomes and 6) Beneficial to relevant stakeholders.

The prices of RECs can vary depending on various factors such as regional market conditions, supply and demand dynamics, regulatory policies, and the type of renewable energy source.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of RECs, companies should engage with reputable and trusted providers. It is essential to verify that the RECs are sourced from reliable renewable energy projects and comply with recognised certification standards.

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